AMC’s “Comic Book Men” star, and “Popculturalist” – Robert Bruce!


Robert Bruce, robrt_bruce2also known as a Popculturist, anti-social socialist, Environmental – Animal Vegan/Vegetarian Activist, pseudo TV personality? and small Cog and consulting producer on AMC’s “Comic Book Men”, Co-Promoter/co-founder of the Asbury Park Comic Con (april 12-13) and New York comic book festival (June 14, 2014) ‘ often voice on smodco podcasts (notably with mike & ming) sometime bad & low brow Artist, High Wire Aerialist, quasi-musician, Pop Consultant, PR guy, cold water surfer, Clean & Sober SOB for more years than I can’t count.

Master ACCUMULATOR (not a collector) of Underground comics, counter culture memorabilia from the 60’s & 70’s – Kaiju monster toys – from Godzilla to Ultraman to Gamera and GeGeGe No Kitaro even Doraemon – action figures – Monster toys – marbles – and more Comic Books – Keshigoumu – monster in my pocket – muscle men – Prog & Psych Records – Punk rock stuff from my youth sci-fi books, political pins & memorabilia . and too much more to list..

Apart from all the Kevin Smith related TV Shenanigans, Robert is also the co-creator of the popular NJ Horror Con!!