Artist and Yoe Books co-founder – Craig Yoe!

horrorbyheck_cvr-659x844-580x743Craig Yoe (born February 23, 1951) is an author, editor, art director, graphic designer, cartoonist and comics historian, best known for his Yoe! Studio creations and his line of Yoe! Books.

Early in his career, Yoe was senior designer at Marvin Glass & Associates, where he worked on Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony toys. Recruited by Jim Henson, Yoe became the creative director and general manager of the Muppets, working on everything from theme parks to television shows. After Henson’s death, Yoe opened his own company, Yoe! Studio, working in the entertainment and licensing fields and creating publications, style guides, packaging, press kits, logos, and toys. Yoe! Studio client list includes Kellogg’s, Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel and DC Comics. Clizia Gussoni is Yoe’s wife, business partner and the co-creative director of Yoe! Studio.

Comic fans can rejoice. Yoe has re-introduced a new generation to the exciting world of Pre-code Horror comics, and just plain weird…thanks!

He’s also just announced his new “Weird Superheroes” collection!




Craig Yoe, purveyor of the perverse!


Creepy coloring for kids of all ages!


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