Make-up Artist – Lisa Penzimer!



Lisa P. is a make up and fx artist from Tom’s River NJ.  She started her career in make up at a local haunted house in the late 70s, and hasn’t stopped since.
She’s worked in a variety of film, TV, and theater but – her heart will always belong to doing local haunts.

Previously, a Halloween U Professor at The National Haunters Convention for a few years running, and can’t wait for the next one!

Also look for her at various Zombie Walks, and Monsters’ Balls. You never know where she might pop-up…




Her movie/video credits include:

Soulless 1,2, & 3


Scarlet Moon



She’ll be at the “Super Shock Show” Oct 15th – getting her ghoul on, and doing some ghastly make-up…

You can also find her here: