SF/Horror/Pulp Author – Steven Farkas

Steven Farkas is a pulp horror and science fiction writer. He is known for his horror collections and his zombie novellas. He is also known for his science fiction Blue Blaze book series, which will also be turned into a fiction podcast based on the book series due out in Fall 2019. He resides in NJ with his wife and three children. All though he began writing in the early 1990’s he did not decide to publish his work for public consumption until 2011. Some of the books he’s published between 2011 and 2019 contain horror stories he wrote in his earlier writing years.


















Horror Fiction

Zombie Carnival (2011)
Jesus Camp Zombie Bloodbath (2011)
Blood in The Snow (2012)
Into the Madness (2012)
Zombie Roller Derby Chicks from Hell (2013)
Tales of Horror and Terror (2017)

Science Fiction

Murder in The Dark City (2017) Book one of the Blue Blaze series
Strange Experiments (2018) Book two of the Blue Blaze series
Spawn of the Wasteland (due out March 2019) Book three of the Blue Blaze series

Allegory Fiction

We are Lost: Short Stories on America (2018)


Blue Blaze (fiction podcast based on his Blue Blaze science fiction book series due out in Fall 2019 Six episodes)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sfarkaspulpsyfywriter/

Website:  http://thedeadmannj.wixsite.com/pulpsyfyhorrorwriter