Artist & Illustrator – Brian Petitti

Hi. I like to oil paint. I’m a self taught artist from the Jersey Shore and I think life experiences are the best instructors. For a long time I took my artistic abilities for granted and didn’t do much with them. After 9/11 I joined the Army, lived in Germany and got deployed to Iraq. I made a pretty poor soldier but through the military I did learn to have confidence in my abilities and to struggle through hardship. I always loved art and to help cope with my PTSD I started painting.

After years of soul searching I finally found what I truly loved. Instead of searching I should have been creating. So I went to work, dedicating all my free time to art. Now I’m trying to learn and improve, and the hard work is paying off. I’m very fortunate and grateful that my art sells. I categorize it as Mass-Surrealism. I draw influence from fantasy, satire, horror, punk and metal music, pop culture, memes, and video games.

And to any aspiring artist, if you don’t try you’ll never know. Always keep learning and through that you will gain ability and confidence. It won’t happen overnight, it’ll take many nights and many challenges. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to other artists, do your own thing and do it well.


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